Start 25. September, 2022

Oh, I wanna hug you

Oh, I wanna hug you. I want to make you feel the crippling tenderness of my fingers yearning nothing more than touching your skin. Like ultimately making one’s way back home on a stormy winter’s day, hands so cold a finger could break off. Canals are frozen, all birds have begun their exile in the distant south. Eventually opening the door to your cabin, there’s a torrent of prosperity flowing over you.

Spellbound by your attitude of ease and lightness that blossoms in me the best traits of human nature whenever you’re around. Though we’re connected, there’s an enormous valley gaping an unbearable extent between us. A vision that is so bittersweet and close, yet inevitably out of reach.

Then I’m wondering: Do you have any idea what I think? Just a single notion of my endlessly spinning mind that wants nothing but you by my side. Better to speak or to die? My whole world revolves in your starry eyes behind the lids that water them just as the fizzle rain waters the soil for flowers to grow.

We’re young and naive, ready to leave for anything that seems good enough to hold the next sensation. Credulous enough to dare to love, knowing full well the possibility of loss, because a life without such magic, is plainly a life not lived at all.

Every time we come close, the universe stops breathing, and just like that, we melt into one. There is no imbalance, no polarity, neither a distinction that could keep us apart. A grain of dust is no different than the ribcage of a whale.

Flaws and doubts unite with benevolence to becoming strength and display for vulnerability by the same token so any disparity becomes extinct.